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The Regeneration Foundation is partnering with the training team at Ethos Human Performance to fulfill this mission. The methods at Ethos Human Performance are scientific-based, proven, and transformative. As a staff we strive for greatness, and we expect the same of every client that trains at our facility. We demand one’s best in the competitive, yet encouraging, environment that we have created. Our training is designed to improve our clients holistically. This includes physical improvement through training and mental improvement through encouraging and accountable coaching. The training that one receives at Ethos Human Performance will change the trajectory of one’s life.


First is Michelle; In June 2020 Michelle acquired a spinal cord injury when a large oak tree fell onto her home and subsequently onto her. Her spinal cord was injured at vertebrae T7/T8, Michelle has not walked since this injury. Despite the doctor’s judgement, Michelle’s relentless and tenacious spirit has contributed to great strides in her physical and mental journey. Following her accident, Michelle had very little core and upper body strength, muscular atrophy throughout her legs and poor stability. Since working with the trainers at Ethos multiple times on a weekly basis, Michelle has gained strength in her core, increased muscle mass in her quads and torso and has made tremendous core improvement. This has all contributed to improved emotional healing as well as improved physical health. Michelle works extremely hard here at Ethos and on her own time outside of the gym. Her ultimate goal is to walk again, and to continue to grow stronger physically and mentally throughout that demanding journey. Michelle sets out to inspire others who also have obstacles to overcome, and she does just that.



In December 2020 Joe was in an auto accident, breaking 7 vertebrae, causing him to become paralyzed at vertebrae T2. Due to this injury Joe lost his ability to walk, lost core strength and balance, had to leave his job and lost independence. Joe began attending Ethos in June of 2021. Joe has been traveling from Ohio multiple times a week to train for three-hours at a time with Ethos trainers. Despite many hurdles placed in front of Joe, he comes to each session without fail, dedicated and devoted. Joe has gained tremendous strength in his legs as well as strength and stability in his core. This has allowed for more independence at home, which he did not have prior to his training. Joe’s ultimate goal is to walk again. His short-term goals consist of gaining more independence at home, being able to drive and going back to work.



"Sean was at a point in his recovery where he was seeing little improvements in his strength, mobility and balance. He was going to PT, OT and another facility.  We started with Ethos  to see what transitions he may experience.  He loves the environment, trainers and the specialized training sessions. 

Zack has been awesome with him as well.  Since Sean struggles with Aphasia and Apraxia, it can be challenging at times for Zack.  But, he is fantastic with him!!

Sean was 52 when he suffered a stroke from Covid back in April 2020.  He has right side disability and has a speech disability as well.

Our primary goal is for Sean to gain enough strength and confidence to walk without a cane and gain more movement with his leg and right arm.  He still struggles with right-side confidence with his balance.  I'm hoping this will get better with more time with Zack"

Marla Mccusker


We are currently looking for sponsors who are willing to help aid in the training services of our Human Regeneration clients. Many of us have so much to be grateful for, and look for worthy organizations to donate to. A lot of the blessings that we take for granted, such as getting out of bed and walking, others are dedicating their entire lives to accomplish. As you reflect on your potential charitable causes this holiday season, please consider the Regeneration Foundation for your giving, as it will directly impact a client seeking to improve their life’s well-being. 


We are accepting checks payable to the “Regeneration Foundation” that will go directly to a client in need of training funds. Checks can be mailed to 44191 Plymouth Oaks Blvd Suite 600 Plymouth MI 48170 or Donate Now

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